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Friday, July 1st, 2016 • Filed under Other Weapons

Last night over the phone, I attempted to convince someone of the importance of washing their hands after using the restroom. He is nineteen years old. He insisted there was no bad bacteria on his penis, that it’s cleaner than most of his body because it’s always clothed, and that “it’s not like I’m ripping my d*** off and taping it to my hand!!!” This caused him to receive a text from his father saying, “Your conversation with the girl is inappropriate.” Again, he is nineteen years old.

A man in Seattle would probably weigh in regarding the cleanliness of one’s genitals. He was arrested after a woman in the grocery store reacted to what she thought was one of his purchases at the self check-out. He had actually placed his penis gently on top of the scanner, drawing a guard to survey the situation. According to HP, he was just laughing, and even came back to the store later causing further harassment. So next time you run into an issue at the self check-out and have to please wait for cashier to assist you please wait for cashier to assist you please wait for, remember that things could be worse.

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