Dumb Criminals


Monday, November 25th, 2013 • Filed under Other, Technology

Remember when Facebook was the rad thing? Now it’s populated only by your relatives. And Instagram? Populated by your younger siblings. Pinterest? Caters to yoga pants-wearing bottle blondes. Reddit? Wtf is that. But there are still those few weirdos who occasionally comment and make statuses on Facebook. And those weirdos may include legitimate criminals.

A man wanted for arrest was discovered upon commenting on his own mug shot on Facebook. At least seven times. Some choice sentences include “So what if I am the devil” and “If that doest scream right wing then idk what does” and “tats and piercings blah blah blah”. According to Huff Post, he is not the first criminal to draw attention to himself in this way. However, he is probably the first to refer to himself as Sin Demon. If you get a chance, definitely look at the picture of this guy—his ink is a crime within itself.

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