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Goobernatorial: A Special Report

Monday, December 15th, 2008 • Filed under Other

Just about everyone in this corner of the world, even the people who haven’t picked up a newspaper since they saw OJ’s mugshot on the cover, knows about the saga or Rod Blagojevich. Even he isn’t safe from the dumb fairy.

Blagojevich for those of you who don’t know and should be ashamed of yourselves has been accused of using his influence as Illinois’ governor to threaten, intimidate and profit off of his various appointments, according to Reuters.

The dumb part is Blagojevich’s next move after the feds announced they were investigating him. He steadfastily refused to give up his seat because nothing proves your innocence in an abuse of power scandal than refusing to give up the seat you tried to profit off of for months.

It gets worse. Everyone and their mother are asking him to resign: state and U.S. senators, the attorney general, even the most influential and powerful man in the country, nay the world, right now. Oh and don’t forget little ol’ President Bush.

So of course, rumors are flying that Blagojevich will take the high road and resign. But the New York Times reports that he won’t be resigning anytime soon or “today or tomorrow,” according to his spokesperson. Something tells me that if he doesn’t leave office soon, God is about to make his first major appearance since Noah’s flood.

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