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Ruff Time?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 • Filed under Other

It’s hard to decide whether or not to get a dog, right? It’s basically another kid, except one that chews up furniture and utilizes the neighbor’s yard as a toilet. Unless, of course, that was you as a child…

Better idea: why not have both? Best idea: why not have one in charge of the other? A 41 year old male baby-sitter in Florida took that into consideration, and ended up leaving a 10 month old in the care of a pit bull. Why? The desperate need to go out drinking with friends. According to Miami New Times, the baby’s mother was not too thrilled about coming home to find the babysitter outside, and the dog guarding her child’s bedroom. Uh, next time just go with the overly priced (and overly pierced) teenager.

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