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The Red Badge of Dumbness

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 • Filed under Other

The photo you are looking at is not some random image of a fake badge that we pulled off of the Internet to accompany this blog post. This was actually used by the person in this story as a police badge.

Police busted a fake cop who tried to use a Chipoltle gift card as a police badge, according to KRLD.

He blacked out the entire card, except for the round Chipoltle emblem at the top. It would have worked if the emblem didn’t have a big old chili pepper in the middle of it. I’ll bet he also had “To protect and serve burritos” painted on the side of his car.

He pulled a couple of people over and when they reported him to police, they picked him up on immigration charges. That was until he showed them a green card with a “Burger King Kids Club” logo on it.

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