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What Happens in Public Stays in Public

Sunday, March 6th, 2016 • Filed under Other

Personally I always found Ferris wheels to be a bit overrated. Perhaps if they moved quicker or actually turned the passenger upside down at the bottom or even lacked any sort of safety device, I’d be more inclined to spend money calmly rotating on a large circle. As it stands, Ferris wheels are nothing but circular ski lifts leading nowhere, similar to my entire life.

But everything’s what you make it right? One couple in Las Vegas livened up the dull attraction by doing some riding of their own. According to The Smoking Gun, they were spotted removing their clothing and smoking cigarettes in a glass-walled cabin. The police admonished them over the intercom, but to no avail. The couple continued to get raunchier until the ride reached completion, when they were taken into custody by embarrassed security guards waiting at the bottom. With that kind of luck, they ought to stay away from casinos.

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