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Yet Where is His Screenplay?

Friday, December 11th, 2015 • Filed under Other

Hipsters are a plague. Sometimes when I’m in a small, artsy town, all I’m trying to do is enjoy my iced soy coffee and write poetry in my journal shaded by my kitschy sunhat when suddenly I’m surrounded by several Mr. McFlannel Vapebeard. Strangely enough, they all seem to want to speak to me…as though I’m one of them?

The Hipster King was arrested in Kansas after traveling all the way from Oregon. Why make that journey? He was taking pictures of a wheat field…completely naked (the photographer, not the field, which was clearly prepared for a bountiful harvest). According to Huffington Post, authorities received a call about a man “wearing nothing but a hat and a smile”. When he was picked up four hours later, he had at least donned a pair of boxers. Move over Zooey Deschanel, we have found the freest free spirit to ever free their spirt.

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