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Thursday, May 11th, 2006 • Filed under Piracy

This has got to be one in the running for “Dumb Criminal of the Year.” A man is peddling illegal wares to..THE MAN WHO CAN PROSECUTE HIM!!!

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – A Malaysian peddler of pirated DVDs has been busted after unwittingly offering his wares to Consumer Affairs Minister Shafie Apdal as he sat at a popular restaurant strip, a report said.

Shafie, who is masterminding Malaysia’s campaign to crack down on piracy ahead of negotiations with the United States for a free-trade agreement, was offered a range of the latest movie titles, the New Straits Times said.

He then organised a sting operation which saw the peddler arrested after he sold DVDs to officers posing as buyers, it said.

Offering illegal DVDs to the man who’s going to prosectute you? That’s like Bill Clinton hitting on Kenneth Starr.

Apdal says he didn’t recognize Shafie when he pitched him the illegal movie deal, but he still approached him like he would any other customer. So does he treat every customer he meets with the same level of stupidity?

It is not clear what penalties he could face if convicted, but officials arrested him with 7,000 illegal DVD copies of movies like “Ice Age 2” and “Mission: Impossible.” Well, how about charging him with horrible taste, for starters?

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