Dumb Criminals

A Latte Of Trouble

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 • Filed under Other Weapons, Robberies

It’s the question scientists and waitresses alike have been pondering for years: How dependent are people on caffeine? Well, we all know someone who can hardly even inhale and exhale before their daily dose of coffee.  But are we underestimating the uses of this unhealthy beverage? According to The Consumerist, it also serves as an unsuccessful weapon.

One morning in Canada, a man entered Starbucks after making small talk with some police officers who happened to be outside. (Possibly trying to break their Dunkin’ Donuts addiction?) All seemed normal until the man got the bright idea to try and rob Starbucks. He ran ahead in line, cutting the policemen, and threw coffee in the poor barista’s face. He then demanded all the money in the cash register. The police were slow to react, shocked by the stupidity of the occurrence. Nevertheless, this caffeinated crook was arrested on the spot.

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