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Officer Goes on Illegal Shopping Spree

Saturday, December 31st, 2005 • Filed under Robberies

Some old-fashioned corruption:

Officer Steals Credit CardsA Chicago police officer has been charged with theft and official misconduct after being accused of stealing credit cards from a man he arrested and then running up $1,600 in charges.

James Chevas, 36, is accused of taking a debit and credit card from Nik Lohja, who Chevas arrested after a bar fight.

Lohja said Chevas took the cards and his driver’s license when he was in police custody.

Lohja said the driver’s license was later returned by a different officer and when Lohja asked about his debit and credit card, that officer said he didn’t know anything about them.

It seems like nobody got what they wanted for Christmas. [Source]

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