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One Star, No Fleas Anywhere

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 • Filed under Robberies

Something not addressed on this site nearly enough is father-son bonding. In fact, if these individuals had grown up with a strong paternal presence, perhaps they would not have fallen into the activities and habits to which they’ve succumbed. Maybe one game of catch could have prevented steak being shoplifted via underwear or cars being hijacked with no actual destination in mind.

However, this family shows that sometimes fatherhood and crime are not mutually exclusive. At a flea market in New Mexico, some poor vendor was robbed by a knife-wielding father and son duo. According to The Daily Times, the son distracted him by reaching for an item on his table while the father pulled a knife. They were arrested days later at their residence. I had no idea Looney Tunes salt and pepper shakers or ancient issues of Time Magazine were worth jail time to some people.

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