Dumb Criminals

The Most Cliche Clue Ever

Friday, December 17th, 2010 • Filed under Robberies

Eighty million pounds of snow is outside, waiting patiently to be shoveled. Snot makes a habit of freezing itself to your face. You’re expecting an overly happy, fat guy to break into your house during the night. My point? Winter is arguably the fourth best season.

Turns out the weather wasn’t too considerate of this fellow either. An elderly man, who had been staying in Oregon, decided to carry out a spur-of-the moment crime. He robbed a business down the street, and walked home in the snow. Almost as if to help the police, he left a distinct track of footprints leading straight from the site of the burglary to the motel he was staying in. Any inhabitant of Narnia would have been severely disappointed in his sneaking skills…

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