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The Stupidity Has Elevated

Thursday, May 14th, 2015 • Filed under Robberies

If you have a fear of small spaces and a fear of being robbed, I encourage you to stop reading immediately. This dumb crime entails both of these common phobias. The only way to incorporate more phobias would involve the culprit stealing spiders from a purse (arachnophobia) filled with small holes (trypophobia) while outside the house (agoraphobia) while a duck watches (anatidaephobia).

A man in Florida was unaware of how elevators work when he decided to rob a woman whilst riding one. The surveillance camera shows that, after he pulled a knife on an elderly woman to steal her purse, he walked smack into the elevator’s closed doors. According to Newser, he was able to exit and is still at large. While it might be no consolation to the robbery victim who probably couldn’t log onto YouTube if she tried, the criminal has now become the laughingstock of the entire internet.

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