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They’re Frowny Faces This Time

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 • Filed under Break-Ins, Burglaries, Robberies

As much as we sophisticated humans would like to pretend otherwise, food is just as much a motivator for us as it is for animals in training. When food is involved, we’ll do it. Invite us to your wedding, your graduation, your nephew’s baptism, your third cousin’s baby shower, your family friend’s uncle’s retirement party. If there’s free food involved, we’ll do what we’re trained to do best – feign interest in small talk with strangers.

This man, though driven by hunger, was not interested in talking to anybody. While robbing a house in California, he located some tater tots in the owner’s pantry. Tummy full after microwaving and eating this unexpected snack, he decided to take a little nap on the couch. According to HP, this unorthodox Goldilocks was awoken by the owner of the house, fled out the backdoor, and was immediately met by an officer’s stun gun. Next time he should just go to Sonic?

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