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Not So Happy Feet

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 • Filed under Shop Lifting

Remember a few years ago when every Hollywood studio spontaneously lost its mind over penguins? Cinema screens across the world were graced with surfing penguins, dancing penguins…and then actual penguins freezing to death in the cold (thanks a bunch, Warner Independent). Penguins are nothing new. They’ve been walking around–technically upside down–on the earth’s belly since, you know, the dawn of time.

However, this penguin has got one hell of a story. Recently in the UK, a young man dressed as a penguin walked into a convenience store and walked out with a case of beer. Unpaid for, of course. According to Huffington Post, he was caught on security camera and his picture was distributed all across the media. Who knows if he’ll be caught considering the footage of a shoplifter clad in a penguin onesie might be mistaken for a children’s movie preview. His parents didn’t even approve of him dancing or surfing, so I wonder what they’ll have to say about this.

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