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“That’s A Tortoise!”

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 • Filed under Smugglers

The first article on this site ever written by yours truly involved wildlife smuggling. (No, not wildlife snuggling, unfortunately.) Today we’ll bring it full circle with a crazy Canadian eh?

At the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, a Canadian man was caught by border agents. He was charged with smuggling, illegal trading and exporting. What image comes to mind? Pounds of pure powdered opiates? Depraved Eastern European prostitutes? Nope, not this time. In reality, the contraband was fifty little turtles. According to Huff Post, the man had strapped the nation of turtles to his body underneath his clothes. Sounds like the guy was a bit, well, slow.

Just in case you want some extra fun in your day, check out this educational video on the turtle species.

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