Dumb Criminals

How NOT to Earn Your Stripes

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 • Filed under Smugglers

One of the most grueling experiences a parent can go through is the incessant begging for a pet. Whether it’s one of the neighbors’ new puppies, a miniature pony, or a disgusting fish with see-through skin, kids are always convinced they can take care of it. According to ABC News, this dumb criminal hasn’t quite outgrown that notion.

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Not Thinking Outside (or Inside) of the Box

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 • Filed under Counterfeit, Smugglers

Some plans don’t get thought out to their fullest extent. This one probably never even went down on paper.

A man trying to smuggle turtles into the country illegally was caught when he put them in a box marked “scorpions,” according to Reuters.

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Don’t Look So Smuggle

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 • Filed under Drugs, Smugglers

If you’re ever arrested for smuggling, an excuse that almost never works is “HeyIdunno.”

A smuggler busted for bringing drugs into the country said he thought he was bringing diamonds in the country, according to the London Times.

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The Gouda, the Bad and the Ugly

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 • Filed under Smugglers

There’s nothing in the world I could say that could possibly be funnier than this crime story. Nothing, not a damn thing. In fact, why are you still reading this? You should be reading the story now. Seriously, stop reading this. What are you, some kind of masochist? Read the damn story already.
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