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Sunday, June 24th, 2012 • Filed under Technology

No girl likes to be stuck in the middle of the eternal Boyfriend vs. Parents war, but if any of you out there have been her, the frustrated boyfriend, or the we-hate-him-only-because-we-love-you parent…at least be thankful that no battle was ever this bad.

After the breakup, the 17 year old male half of a teen relationship was distraught. Because, of course, high school S.O.’s are always The One. Desperate to talk to his 15 year old ex again, he texted her mother a topless picture the girl had sent him. According to Houston Press, he threatened to post it and other pictures all over the web unless he was granted permission to speak to her daughter. Much to his surprise, she called the cops. And that, ladies, is why they belong in your shirt.

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