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Dead Pets and Other Lousy Christmas Presents

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 • Filed under Theft

We have to say this story gave us two complete different but simultaneous responses: (1) they got what they deserved and (2) what the hell was the woman doing with that dead rabbit in her handbag?

According to Ananova, some thieves stole a woman’s dead rabbit.

Actually, they stole the woman’s handbag unaware that it contained a dead rabbit only to find that it contained a dead rabbit. When the robber pulled the rabbit out of the handbag, he immediately quit his life in crime and became a children’s birthday party magician.

What could you possibly want with a dead rabbit in your handbag? I’ve come up with several possibilities…
– You’re angry at the rabbit.
– You’re using it as an example to keep the other rabbit in your handbag to behave.
– You’re a bear and you need something to use as toilet paper in case you’re in the woods.

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