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Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 • Filed under Theft

What’s the most desperate hunger you’ve ever faced?  Desperate enough to try a partitioned shrink-wrapped tray of the complimentary airline food?  Enough to delve into the concession stand’s contents at a high school football game? Or, worst of all, enough for those vaguely suggestive gas station meat sticks? *shudder*

Ever eaten money? Probs not, but this one Dallas thief chowed down on a debit card. He was involved in a scheme using stolen identities, and was caught harboring $300,00 0 in cash or on various cards. According to Tru Tv, the only viable solution he saw was to consume the incriminating evidence: a debit card. Clearly his appetite for crime was just as large as his, well, appetite.

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