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Friday, December 11th, 2015 • Filed under Theft

What’s the most desperate you’ve been for alcohol? Maybe you don’t know anyone well enough at a party and you need to be hammered before gathering the confidence to even introduce yourself. Worse yet, maybe you’re stuck at a family gathering where you know people too well, eyeing an entire bottle of wine you couldn’t realistically afford a glass of.

This guy in Georgia needed a bit more than a buzz, resulting in an attempt to hijack an entire semi of Coors Light. The driver had left it unattended when entering a gas station, only to see it moving away. The culprit traveled all the way to the nearest Bojangle’s , where he exited the vehicle immediately upon seeing the cops. Immediately, as in he didn’t even bother to turn off engine before hopping out. According to Huffington Post, the truck kept moving…right over his leg. Hopefully Coors Light is colder than a jail cell.

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