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Steel Mor Soots

Sunday, November 10th, 2013 • Filed under Theft

Didn’t you ever wonder how the chickens felt about Chik Fil A? Here are their barnyard friends, the cows, basically selling their poor asses into mass human consumption. Little different from the cute picture books you read as a kid, right?

Turns out one guy is finally on the side of the chickens. In California, two of the 7 foot tall cow costumes were stolen from two separate restaurants. The two costumes showed up on Craig’s List the day before Halloween, where an undercover officer arranged to buy it. According to HP, the culprit was then arrested and the stolen property returned to Chik Fil A. The costumes were sold on Craig’s List for $350 apiece, when the real price is nearly three thousand dollars each. Next time he should do us a favor and steal their grilled chicken.

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