Dumb Criminals

Theft is for the Birds

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 • Filed under Caught on tape, Theft

What’s your most daring attempt at stealing? Have you swiped something from a friend’s home, or perhaps had the audacity to shoplift? Do you prefer the sentimentally or monetarily valuable? For instance, comedian John Mulaney insists his fans steal family photos from strangers’ homes, permitting them to procure an eclectic collection.

However, certain species are a bit more practical. A seagull in an undisclosed area was caught on camera waltzing into a café establishment, swiping a bag of chips, and marching out with it firmly clutched in its beak. According to Huffington Post, this bird displayed a unique air of conceit for its size and the overall seriousness of its crime. Next time, hopefully he’ll just go ahead and order the combo when the clerk asks.

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