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You Can’t Spell “Stupid Guy” With G-P-S

Monday, December 31st, 2007 • Filed under Theft

When you try to steal a GPS device, there’s a slight problem with the plan. A fricking satellite that’s orbiting the fricking Earth can pinpoint your exact location from outer fricking space. You’re fricked.

According to the Associated Press, a man in New York who stole a GPS system got caught when police used the GPS device to track him down.

They spotted the man carrying the stolen GPS unit while riding his bicycle. This is a GPS unit that was meant for a car. Why would anyone who rides a bike need a GPS unit? Drug dealers aren’t on GPS maps.

The cyclist didn’t give direct answers to officers’ questions. For instance, he insisted he did drive a car. The other two wheels were in the shop.

Then the officer hit the home button on the GPS device and the resident at the address said the GPS device was theirs. The cyclist immediately filed a stolen home report.

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