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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 • Filed under Uncategorized

When you were younger, did you believe your stuffed animals were alive? Now, of course, this idea is creepy to us. However, when I was smaller (and apparently braver), my stuffed animals each had distinct personalities that somehow vanished when I was around. Some even got married to each other.

Obviously, I grew out of that over a decade ago. This man from Colorado may need to follow my lead. When being tried in court for a protection order violation, he placed a stuffed owl on his desk and insisted that the owl would be representing him until a public defender was assigned to his case. According to HP, the judge ignored the odd breed of lawyer, even though the defendant made it clear that his stuffed companion had law degrees from Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Owls may be an age-old symbol of wisdom, but this was not the criminal’s most intelligent move.

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