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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 • Filed under Uncategorized

Every smoker I’ve encountered claims there’s nothing that makes them want to light up more than an anti-smoking ad. There’s nothing like corny t-shirts, aesthetically assailing posters, and amateur commercials to incite the need for self-imposed cancer. Surprisingly, there is a certain amount of self-control involved in remaining a highly addicted nicotine fiend, such as refusing the urge to start smoking whatever whenever and wherever.

One student in Arkansas could use some practice in asceticism after being arrested on harassment charges. Before commencing the final exam, he sat down and lit up a cigar in the classroom. While he may have been enhancing the experience of being enrolled in a philosophy or a historical American literature class, my assumption is that a high school classroom is a smoke-free environment. According to The Smoking Gun, he then told by the teacher to put it out, he blew the smoke in her face and dared her to hit the intercom button. As his classmates whooped and cheered while he was escorted from the building, he turned to the teacher and declared the essential badass line “I’ll be back”.

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