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I can’t drive 205

Monday, September 27th, 2004 • Filed under Uncategorized

iconRemember the biker in Minnesota who was ticketed for driving 205 miles per hour? Well, it looks like some reasonable doubt is starting to surface.

[David Edwards, editor-in-chief of Cycle World] is among the many experts who doubt Tilley’s bike could have gone so fast. “More likely, the cop with the stopwatch had an itchy trigger finger,” he told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

“There are lots of guys who have been spending a lot of money and a lot of years at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah trying to join the official 200 Club and most still haven’t done it,” Edwards said. He said Tilley’s bike would have needed an add-on turbo charger to go above 165 mph.

Obviously, the cops and the DA are going to stick to their story. (You don’t win convictions by doubting your own case.)

You would think that with experts casting doubt on the technical limits of the bike, this guy would get off scot-free. All they need to do is prove that the bike can’t go 205, and he’s free, right? In theory, yes, but in reality, I know how court works. For his sake I hope I’m wrong, but five bucks says the powers that be reduce it down to 150 or 160 to try to save face. They’ll say something like, ‘He may not have been going 205, but he was still speeding.’ (They just don’t know by how much.)

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