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Friday, September 24th, 2004 • Filed under Uncategorized

icon“The interpretation I have right now is that his death was an accident.” — R. Joe Clark, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Knoxville.

What drove Clark to this interpretation?

[James Dale] Cockman was last seen buying a cup of coffee at a convenience store near a parking lot where he was supposed to meet a couple interested in his 1996 GMC Suburban. The Edens and Holloway gave him a $100 deposit the day before and were to pay him the remaining $8,400 the next day.

In a statement to authorities, Holloway said she and Edens met Cockman, forced him into the Suburban, placed duct tape over his mouth and drove directly to their home.

“When they got here they realized their victim was dead,” Clark said in Sevierville. “Mr. Edens put him in a deep freeze and took the (body) to a storage facility and left it there. Why, I don’t know.

Did this FBI-guy, Clark, not go to cop school? Someone should beat him with the clue-bat.

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