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Those liberal pinkos in Chesapeake gave him life

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003 • Filed under Uncategorized

iconConvicted murderer Lee Boyd Malvo had his life spared by a Chesapeake jury; something that he did not do for his victims, and probably would not do if he had one of the jurists in the crosshairs of his rifle. If there was ever a case where an underaged perpetrator deserved the death penalty, this was the case. It is hard to express how disappointed I am in the verdict, and the Chesapeake jury. (Having grown up in Virginia Beach, I can say that there is no love lost for Chesapeake, any way.)

One consolation is that Virginia is not one of these fruity Californiastan states that gives people 6 life sentences and then lets them out in 10 years. Virginia abolished parole several years back, so unless there is a major change in the law, or a gubernatorial pardon or commutation, Malvo will die in jail. In Virginia, Life means Life.

Still, I’m sure it is little consolation to the next of kin of Malvo’s prey.

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